Speak English with Confidence

Enhance your education needs & outcomes. Topics/Progammes are
customised to support student’s K9 to K12, Tertiary and Adults education goals.

How can you build your confidence?

You’ll listen.

The more English you hear, the easier it will be for you to copy what you hear.

You’ll practice.

The more you speak, the more comfortable you will feel about speaking. You’ll speak with your tutor and at times, with other students in your online class.

You can stop worrying about making mistakes.

We all make mistakes – including native English speakers. Your message is most important. If the other person understands you, that’s what’s most important.  

Our Programmes of Learning

Higher Learning

English is the language of higher learning.

  • We can help prepare your for and succeed at university.
  • We offer English support for assessments and papers.
  • We focus on your chosen field of study.

Business Advantage

English is the language of opportunity.

  • We can help prepare you for the workplace.
  • We offer English support for employment and self-employment.
  • We focus on your place in the business sector.

Social Impact

English is the language of international social interaction.

  • We can help you speak English to network and integrate.
  • We offer English support for global social engagement.
  • We focus on your social circle, aspirations and goals.

Life Skills

English is the language that’s critical for global connectivity, life and work.

  • We can help you effectively deal with the challenges of everyday life.
  • We offer English support to communicate, interact, create and contribute.
  • We focus on enhancing your skill set, for greater impact.

What’s included?

  • Access to Online learning tools
  • Online Sessions
  • Independent Sessions
  • End-of-Module Certificates
  • Programme Materials


  • Range of pricing plans available
  • No fixed contracts
  • COntact us for details